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These are not a problem.
But this is all i want . AHAH

Sunday, 25 April 2010

most of life.

i ate this yummy ice cream because i love to eat icecream laa . and this ice cream we called it chocotop. and i choose to eat chocotop because i like chocotop than any icecream. and i ate the chocotop almost everyday. why must everyday ? because i want laa. and i love to eat chocotop with my friends. how to get this chocotop? at Ronald McDonald Restaurant. (McD laa) .. when i ate chocotop, i felt so very the wawavroom.. haha and the most reason why i have to eat chocotop because its remind me of you. and for sure imy everyday so everyday i've to eat chocotop. and i make it the most of my entire life. ;)

lovelovelovechocotop! :)

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